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Contractual passengers

If you want to, that employees always time to mature, or if you have had enough of a student of army public transport travel, our company can offer the best possible solution to the problem.

A contractual passengersi solve the service these days an increasing number of commuters and students traveling to take care of the living.

How to?

A contractual passengers During the flight in accordance with our company provides to customers' needs, which are the most modern vehicles are served. Vehicle fleet more, 34 You will find planned main bus travel arrangements, most of which are not only of today's environmental standards, but also meets the needs of both passengers. Buszainkban providing a full range of amenities for all ages will feel the most safe.

What are the benefits of contractual passenger transport?

  • cost
  • predictable
  • without transfer
  • faster across the finish line

Who Should the contractual delivery person?

  • large companies

What contractual passenger services we offer our clients some of the?

  • Employee's contract offer passenger service to our customers, where a large number of commuters, in the site or in a motor vehicle subject to spills, Access to public transport is difficult to.

All passenger service contract tailored to the customer's specific needs.