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Class Tours bus

A diáksereg, especially if it is exposed outside of teaching experience, can be a really lively, unfortunately, neither of them in terms of transport, or others is not the best experience. The teachers and the whole crew must travel can be a nightmare, not only because you can not hear, but he does not see the kids.

So not only is more expensive than public transport more convenient, but may also be the safer option class trips by bus in leszervezése, during which even the teacher can sit back.

Therefore, the framework provides a special service to our class trips by bus to solve, during which special attention is given to large and small to meet the needs of students.

Such as buses equipped:

  • the multimedia tools: fun időtöltésért
  • toilet room: recommended for the smaller, that the department was planned trips do not have to repeatedly interrupt
  • Professional heating and cooling system: that our children always travel to the optimal temperatures
  • ergonomic, reclining seats: that travel the greatest comfort telhessen
  • safety belts: In order to maximize the safety of our children

Milyen autóbuszos osztálykirándulásokat kínálunk?

  • domestic coach class trip
  • foreign school trips by bus
  • one-day class trip by bus
  • multi-day camps, where according to the season (network centrumokba, domestic ponds, Forest schools, foreign resorts, etc ...)

To it, that the best deal you can make it to class, please, visit our staff.

What is the exact specifications required?

  • Number of Students
  • Number of teachers and attendants
  • starting and destination
  • The number of days of the trip