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A separate bus-load orders

One of the most popular ways to travel, opportunities for affordable prices offered by the public transport, that are now worth well beyond the borders. However, no matter how cheap it is the public service bus / train travel, including their own vehicle for the trip is the solution.


Just because, because in the course of their journey the vehicle comfort, the planning time and the possibility of spontaneous arrest all available.

The company combines all the benefits of a single solution for both travel service, which no other, as the charter bus order.

Why choose us to order the charter bus?

  • EURO V buszok
  • luxus buszok
  • predictable costs
  • predictable travel time
  • domestic and foreign passengers
  • more than 20 years of experience
  • experienced drivers
  • excellent route knowledge

Who Should the charter bus order?

  • Companies: corporate events and trainings csapaépítő, contractual employee transportation, brigades for transport
  • Educational institutions: student transportation, in the conduct of class trips by bus
  • Retired transporting clubs: Meetings, easy trips
  • Groups of friends: Delivery of wedding, sítranszfer, Shuttle festival, resort transfers

What should you know about the charter bus order of?

We provide our customers both at home- and foreign travel, during which a full passenger- We offer insurance and baggage. As needed, for maximum security, as well as complying with current legislation, we also provide the driver with two trips each. Our buses are not only comfortable chairs java, but a multimedia system, lavatories and of course also equipped with safety belts.