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Foreign passengers

Although the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome, Today we can see the beautiful countryside of Italy is waiting for the people, which in a number of ways you can approach. A foreign passengers Opportunities are now literally graze the sky, although the use of air transport is not always the best solution. After the addition, that higher costs, a greater risk involves effort and of course more time to take a trip.

The company, however, offers a solution to the foreign passengers within, which:

  • cost: predictable, and cheaper petrol, as kerosene.
  • time-saving: No more waiting hours, just a quick take-off and.
  • fully secure: no lost luggage, only comprehensive insurance, precise maintenance and rested drivers.

What you should know about the foreign passenger our services?

Prices are planned in advance with the rest of all time, so our passengers the most out of their stay abroad, up to provide door to door delivery in which the. The "four-handed" systems that guarantee safety during the entire trip, even as the 24 Our drivers alternate route during hours.

If our customer requests, it, the duration of the stay abroad Our drivers are available, out that even passengers can travel comfortably.

What we offer our passengers the occasion of the foreign passengers?

  • planned timetable
  • Luxury conditions
  • Affordable prices
  • security
  • insurance (passenger and baggage across Europe)
  • pleasant atmosphere

What we offer foreign passenger services?

  • student transportation
  • cultural tours
  • Delivery of pensioners' clubs
  • sightseeing transfer
  • Shuttle festival
  • sítranszfer
  • Coastal transfer
  • resort transfers
  • etc ...

The foreign passengers to ensure the request!