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Domestic passenger

The passenger transport, such service has been for centuries, is an integral part of everyday life, Fortunately, thanks to our technological development which is now not only faster, but also offers a more secure and convenient solutions for course. A domestic passenger transport among so now you can choose from a number of providers under the, that:

  • how much you want to spend on travel
  • the circumstances under which we would like to travel
  • and how soon you want to reach your destination

And although each, public service providers offer a variety of options in accordance with the above requirements, rail systems and services within the domestic agenda in many cases let you down passengers.

If you do not want to wait for your flight they should be paid more, or rather the quality of travel between unpleasant conditions, select offered by Travel Szöllősi domestic passenger services.

What we offer is of the use of the domestic passenger transport?

  • Precise timetable: departure time and location provided by the customer, to plan rest periods and travel duration.
  • Luxury-demand conditions: to the highest quality standards, Buses equipped with all the comforts.
  • Affordable prices: the costs in demand effective solutions, which is offered to everyone with the best possible solution to plan travel.
  • Cheerful atmosphere during the trip: own community, or you can travel together in a select company of fellow passengers, who pursue the same hobby / interest in the particular art of both / same desire to rest there.
  • Maximum security: a full range of passenger and baggage insurance beside paying special attention to the mechanical condition of our vehicles, Our drivers and fitness.

What we offer domestic passenger services?

  • contractual employees of passengers
  • student transportation
  • transportation of workers
  • Business travel
  • team building travel
  • groups of friends, Delivery of wedding
  • Delivery of pensioners' clubs
  • sightseeing
  • Shuttle festival
  • etc ...

The domestic passenger transport to ensure the request!