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By bus trip

We all remember those pretty well, Excursion days, when the local public transport flights and scheduled service locomotives and backpacks packed with craft, hanging from the handlebars tried to get to the destination. And as the road leading to it full of excitement has endured several hours of the job, I had prayed backwards, half-way to get all seating positions.

But it is not necessary, such a pleasant stay unpleasant experiences come to an end, it provides in addition to the bus tour company really favorable conditions.

Why choose us, If you choose the bus trip?

  • in more than two decades of professional experience in the field of passenger transport
  • favorable prices
  • luxus buszok
  • safe, technically superior fleet
  • patient and experienced drivers (specifically required for the last living student army)
  • confident knowledge of all domestic routes, both foreign field
  • "Door to door" delivery
  • passenger- and baggage insurance
  • predictable travel time

What we offer our passengers by coach and bus trips?

  • Class trips
  • Senior trips
  • team-building trips
  • foreign, a couple of day trips to the beach / ski areas appropriate to the season
  • cultural tours
  • sightseeing attractions of the home and surrounding countries
  • groups of friends traveling
  • etc ...

What is worth the bus trip to be taken into account when planning?

To it, ensure that the best deal, important to know the number of passengers, convenience needs of the traveling public and the distance to destination, since all of the above sets the price of the bus trip.

Good to know, that the foreign bus excursions in most cases two drivers should be used for the distance.