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The daily driving time shall not exceed the 9 hours, However, renewed twice a week 10 hours. One week 6 daily driving period may be.

Time to Work 15 hours may be 24 within a period of hours, in the case of, ha a 15 Within hours of work time 3 consecutive hours rest could be kept. Ha a 3 hours of continuous rest period is not possible, the maximum working time 13 hours may be.
The weekly driving time shall not exceed the 56 hours, the fortnightly driving time 90 hours.

After the end of four and a half hours driving time of at least 45 minute rest break, but it can be divided 15 minute and thereafter 30 minute break.

A regular daily rest period of at least 11 must hours, three times a week 9 reduced hours. A regular daily rest period can be divided in a 3 Hour and a subsequent 9 hour rest period.

2 driver continuously 21 can watch the road, ezután legalább 9 hour daily rest period must comply.

The regular weekly rest period 45 hour, once a fortnight 24 reduced hours, However, you should be compensated within three weeks. The bus carrying international occasional carriage of passengers head to the weekly rest period of 12×24 hour period may be postponed, but one or two regular and one reduced regular weekly rest periods must be followed, and the reduction will be compensated within three weeks.